The secret to a memorable, interesting and captivating on-hold message is to design it as an audio newsletter. Every business has some kind of "inside" information which is interesting. If an on-hold message is attractive, then your caller will actually look forward to being placed on-hold. Everyone enjoys learning, and this an excellent opportunity for you to share fascinating information about your company, product or service.

With this in mind, you can determine which update frequency is best for your situation.

Just ask yourself the following questions:
  1. During your busiest times, how long is your incoming caller placed on-hold?

  2. How often do your products, services or hours of operation change? Monthly? Seasonally?

  3. How often does your caller call? In a month? In 3 months?

  4. What interesting things are happening in your industry or in your specific office?
Audio On-Hold's program lengths range from 3 minutes long to over 9 minutes long.

Depending upon your price point, the phone activity, how often your products or services change or how often you change your program will determine what program length works for you.

For the small business which just wants "something" on their hold to remind their customers who and why they called, Audio On-Hold can produce a quality program from $139.00. As the complexities of the message and the timing of the message increases, so does the pricing. For this reason, we now discuss with our customers what is the best option to get the best deal for their particular situation.

Let's talk to discuss what you need in on-hold messaging and how we can custom design each program to fit your budget and complexities.

The secret to developing an interesting and effective on-hold message is to update it often enough that your frequent caller doesn't tire of the message. So, if your callers are either on-hold for long periods of time or call back relatively frequently, you may want to consider changing your message more frequently or possibly having a longer message than normal. If your business doesn't experience a lot of hold time, you can typically get away with a shorter message or less frequent updates.

If you choose to have your program updated on a regular basis and for whatever reason- later decide that you want to change it more or less often, we will work with you to find a update schedule that is most effective for your business. In other words, we don't lock you into a time frame for updates. We want to ensure that you feel you are getting the best value with our program. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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