What some of our customers have to say about Audio On-Hold

Moana Nursery- Reno, NV

"We have used Audio On-Hold for the last 15 years and have been very pleased with their service. The voice message with background music is professionally done and seems to keep our customers happier and well informed while on-hold. I feel if you have to put your customer on hold, listening to a message about your store and products is better than nothing at all. I've shopped around for quite a while until I found Audio On-Hold. They've got the best quality program for the price."
- Steve Packer, Manager

Electro-Tech- Reno, NV

" Electro-Tech Inc. has always had high standards and we expect the same from our vendors. Our business receives hundreds of calls daily and we rely heavily on our phone system and providing outstanding customer service to our customers. We are always receiving compliments on our on-hold message. People really enjoy hearing about the different services our Company has to offer and the different projects we are working on. Not only is it a way for us to update our customers, but a way of letting them know who they need to ask for in particular instances. I want to say thank you to you personally Rick. I have a very hectic schedule and you are always so great about calling and reminding me when our update is scheduled to be renewed. This has helped to ensure our customers continue to get updated information.."
- Kelli Cornelius

Lifetouch Prestige Portraits- Reno, NV

"The Audio On-Hold program is an extremely well produced program and it presents itself in a very professional manner. The program is outstanding- both the music and the dialogue are a cut above most other programs I have listened to. Audio On-Hold uses unique personalities who do these programs the gentleman who does ours is very good at the art of talking to you, instead of selling to you. .. This Audio On-Hold program is very important to our office, especially during the peak season, when often we need to put our callers on-hold. When you consider the cost of the Audio On-Hold program, compared to the possible opportunities of either satisfied customers and increased sales, I would encourage any office that is leaving customers in the dark, on-hold , to strongly consider this program."
- Alex Hames

Lifetouch Prestige Portraits- Santa Rosa, CA

"We like Audio On-Hold, because when we put our customers on-hold, not only do they hear the positive things about our company, they are not listening to a out-of-tune local radio station that says nothing about our company- instead, Audio On-Hold tells our customers about our products, and the many features and benefits Lifetouch Studios has to offer. We appreciate the high level of service we receive from Audio On-Hold- we like the way they follow through on updating our programs, as need be, as well as just any general follow-up of any of our concerns. Overall, we are extremely happy with Audio On-Hold's choice of programming and their exceptional service"
- Brian Burke

Clyde Robin Seed Company- Castro Valley, CA

"A little over a year ago, we purchased your on-hold system..We had looked at a number of on-hold systems- all of them seemed overpriced and cumbersome. We had defaulted to a system of elevator music for our customers to listen to while they were on hold.

I first became acquainted with your service while being on hold myself with another firm. I was so impressed with the quality and clarity and seeming ease of delivery that I had asked the business owner for the name of the firm that supplied his system.

Your requirements were simple and programming was even easier. As you know, we gave you some areas for discussion items with some text. You edited the text into shorter segments, put in original music, and provided us with a CD that we use on our own player. It was really quite simple, but very effective.

We put people on hold more than we realize. This was evident from the number of people who remarked about our audio on-hold programming. More often than not, they request to be put back on hold so they can continue to listen to the messages that are there! This speaks volumes about the quality of the programming that you have provided for us.

Since our success with Audio On-Hold, I have recommended other to your company and they too have become the beneficiaries of your work. They as well as I continue to be delighted with the comments we receive from our customers.

Thank you for providing an inexpensive, quality service, which I can be proud to present to our customers"
- Steve Atwood

Villager Nursery- Truckee, CA

"We operate a small nursery in Truckee California, a town of 15,000 in the winter and 30,000 in the summer. Our business has been here for 26 years and we have watched and participated in a great deal of "growth'.

We have moderate competition. Reno is only 30 miles down stream to the east and there are dozens of "big-box" home stores with some plants slightly cheaper than ours. In town we have two "drug" stores, two large "hardware" stores, two department/grocery stores and two other nurseries all hawking inappropriate plant material to the innocent (and ignorant) consumers. One new nursery with huge alternate revenue sources opened with the goal "to put the Villager out of business."

Our climate and terrain make gardening here a challenge, a real challenge. Our customers live in alpine ecosystems with 25 foot drifts of snow over their landscapes and in high desert valleys with no snow cover, 70 days and -10 nights. Our microclimates are extreme.

It should be obvious that our strength lies in our longevity. We market our knowledge and experience. The three owners have degrees in Biology, Botany, Ecology, Horticulture with quite a bit of graduate course-work between us. We are all avid gardeners and have learned from our own as well as through 26 years of customers' experiences.

There are so many misconceptions that new gardeners coming to this area have. There are so many questions that we answer over and over and so many little nuggets of knowledge that, if people had just a few, could help local gardeners have greater gardening successes. We write loads of different hand-outs. We write educational newsletters. And over the past few years we have foisted our information upon unwitting customers on hold..

We were dubious as to whether being on-hold for twenty seconds or one minute would be long enough for people to appreciate the knowledge we are sharing (while promoting our superiority over brand x). It is. People ask to be put back on-hold. I hear customers in the nursery repeating, verbatim, lines from our on-hold messages to their friends. They are so smart.

The Audio On-Hold message works very well for us and we will continue to use it. Rick quickly grasps my intentions when we change the message every few months and has helped make changing the message quite painless. Dan's voice is incredible. He is friendly, authoritative and relaxing to listen to. Customers are fiercely loyal to what is good for them and Audio On-Hold reassures people how good we are for them."
- Eric Larusson



California Association of Nursery and Garden Centers (CANGC)- Sacramento"

"Audio On-Hold is a professional company who offers quality products and services to our members. Why have your customers wait on hold with background music when they could be "sold" on the opportunities and products of your company with a specially crafted message by Audio On-Hold?"- Nicole Fielding


Orchard Nursery- Lafayette, CA

"If you are in business, you better have the services of the team at Audio On-Hold. Instead of dull silence or insipid music on your telephone system's hold button, you can have timely information presented in an outstanding format by professional people. It is a sales too, a means for the broadcasting basic information and an advertising agent all in one. The folks at Audio On-Hold are skilled professionals, efficient and extremely easy to work with" Chris Martinez


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