Not all on-hold programs are created equally. In an effort to show you what makes Audio On-Hold different, we've included an audio clip of one of our programs for you to hear. But before you listen, we'd like you to look for these distinguishing characteristics that makes our program sound better than most:

Listen to the background music:

  • Does the music enhance the theme of the message?

  • Is the music just quietly playing in the background or is it an integral part of the program, effectively creating just the right mood for your type of business?

  • Is the music interesting or is it "elevator" music? Is there a good variety in the music?

  • Listen to the way the music "retreats and advances" as the announcers read their copy.
Listen to the Announcer
  • Is there believability in the voice or does it sound like the announcer is just reading script?

  • Or does it sound like another radio announcer pushing a "hard sell"?

  • Does the announcer use the proper inflections and pronunciations to sell your business, your product or your services convincingly?

  • Does the announcer take full advantage of the musical "posts" to make it sound almost as though the music was written just for the script he's reading?
Real Audio
You will need a audio player to download and listen to the files. If you don't have an audio plugin, you can download the Real Player plugin by clicking on the Real Player logo button here.

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