Ideas for scripts

Caller Information
Demographics of callers:
Well Educated
White Collar
Blue Collar

During your busiest times, how long is someone on hold?

How often, during the day are callers placed on hold?

How often (in a year) does the same person call?

How often (in a month) does the same person call?

Why is person calling?
Returning call
Sales rep calling
Place order
Speak to someone

Economy Program Information
Hours /days:
Location (give directions if needed):
Phone number(s):
Fax number:
Years in business:
Describe your business (Mission Statement):

Customized Program Information
Includes Everything in the Economy Package PLUS:

  1. Name and describe any other divisions of your business

  2. Product lines or services offered

  3. Unique products or services

  4. Frequently asked questions

  5. Helpful hints, tips or industry trends about your products or services that may be useful to your caller

  6. Times of the day that are the your busiest (used in order to redirect your callers to a less busy time)

  7. Trivia Type questions that could be used in scripting ( industry, sports or general information type trivia)

  8. Any organizations that you sponsor or are affiliated with (any relationships between your company and them)

  9. Certain items or services that you want to emphasize (repeat throughout the message)

  10. Any questions that you want to quiz your callers about (customer satisfaction, timeliness, new products/services etc.)

  11. Newsletter type information to be included (any awards received, employee of the month, seminars, etc.)

  12. Emergency 24-hour services you may provide)

  13. Sales or promotions

  14. Business history or visions

  15. Public service announcements

  16. Phonetically spell any words that may sound different than they look

  17. Sales pressure of message (for most applications we recommend a soft sell)

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